i’m so upset fall out boy added a show that’s relatively close to me (like 90 min or so) and on a saturday but tickets are 54-70 bucks ugh

homemade cheddar bay biscuits.

homemade cheddar bay biscuits.

spinning an old treasure today.

spinning an old treasure today.


at a certain point i just become unbelievable 

ringrant1 replied to your post “hi im still not dead you should send me asks or something idk”

Where are you

the real question is where are you

Are you even going to see Jack this summer? cause it seems like you lost complete interest, just sayin'

i never lost interest only focus because he wasn’t doing anything and i could only listen to all of his stuff over and over for so long.

no i’m not seeing him because he’s not coming anywhere near me but if he does put up a cleveland/columbus show you better believe i’m getting the fuck back into him


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