thanks pete.

i think one of my favorite things is how in alt press’ video of fob winning artist of the year you can hear nostalgic4disaster start the chanting of “FALL OUT BOY!” when korn is opening the envelope


Whatever you say, Pete! ;) 

that save rock and roll performance though…



for some reason it won’t show any thumbnails but hi here’s my cover of what a catch donnie (the lighting is weird and dark i apologize)

Track: No Matter What
Artist: Badfinger
Album: No Dice (Remastered)
Played: 155 times


badfinger | no matter what

if i can be proud of anything in my life i will go down as being one of the four people that met anyone from fall out boy out of over 6000 attendees at the first ever APMAS


Saw my buddy @jackbayside the other night in Cleveland. We realized we have been friends for over 10 years. That’s a while.