good news is i reset my ipod and got my pictures back

bad news is i have to leave for band camp in less than an hour

see ya’ll on friday

i just accidently deleted a lot of photos that were incredibly important to me and helpful for my mental wellbeing and i’m fucking sobbing like an idiot i hate everything

so i leave for band camp tomorrow and i’ll have no wifi and barely any phone service until friday yay

well that didn’t work and now i’m sad

i’m gonna make cinnamon roll pancakes because i all do is bake and get fat anymore basically


this is so true


Pete Wentz + Licking Instruments

i don’t know if i’ll ever get over what a kind man patrick stump is just honestly

i swear he has never done a bad thing in his life and i think i mentioned that in the letter i gave him

the fact that he was so happy to get letters from me and vanna (without knowing us) and that even though he had to go perform he was more than willing to say hi i just

Patrick + Young Volcanoes